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Dear Publisher,

I’m Amy Harrop and I’ve been writing and publishing content for a long time. Over the years, I’ve been frustrated with the increasing amount of work it takes to get a book noticed on the crowded Kindle platform.

While I haven't turned my back completely on Amazon, I've  discovered how to profitiably publish to numerous markets full of buyers who are hungry for content.

Discover How To Easily Publish To High-Demand, Low-Competition Niches Without the Hassle of Competition

Stand out from the Amazon Herd.

Their algorithm rewards your book only after you start making regular sales, but who wants to spend hours or hundreds of dollars just to compete with hundreds of other publishers?

The fact is, hundreds of books are being published every day on Amazon, and the competition is fierce.  You can have a great book but for it to get noticed on Amazon you’ll need to:

  • Get reviews for your book
  • Drive traffic to your book with blogging, social media, or advertising
  • And who knows, if even after all that hard work, if your book will sell?
  • You can put in hundreds of hours of work and dollars into marketing your book, and still have a hard time selling it.

That’s a lot of stuff and you could be marketing your book for several months before you see any traction, if you’re lucky.

Are you tired of struggling to stand out from the crowd in a busy marketplace?

Many people are competing for the same piece of the pie. There are only a limited number of buyers for each book, and by focusing your efforts solely on publishing to Amazon,you have to do a lot of work for what may be a minimal return.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be making consistent royalties from your content, without the hassle of massive or continuous marketing?

Wouldn’t it be great to reach more fans, subscribers and buyers with much less effort?

Wouldn’t it be great to build up your publishing business by focusing on content, not marketing?

What would that do for your income?

I’m sure you love putting in tons of weeks writing a book only to have it not sell! Yeah, right, I hear you say.

It’s frustrating for sure and can drive a person crazy enough to make them want to quit.

You DON’T Have the Time To Be Wasting With Failed Book Projects - You Have Other, More Important Things In Life to Enjoy

There is one resource on the planet that you can never get more of. Time. There are so many hours in a day that you have, and once spent, you don’t get them back.

You need to be enjoying your family, or your hobbies, or things on your bucket list, not wasting away, frustrated and confused about your books.

What You Need is A System of Publishing and  Selling Your Book!

With Someone Who Has  Given You All The Tools, and  Strategies…

And That’s What I Have For You Today:

Introducing Publishing Arbitrage: Mining the Paid Content Gap For Profits

That’s what Publishing Arbitrage is all about...Make More Royalties With Less Work 

Have your book stand out easily and get it into the hands of hungry buyers who are crying out for content. Not everyone buys their content on Amazon, and if you are not reaching buyers on other platforms, you are losing out on a lot of money.

Publishing Arbitrage reveals how to go against the sheep mentality of many publishers who focus their efforts solely on Amazon. And because of that, the Amazon marketplace has become highly competitive.

And Amazon likes it that way, in fact, they are providing even more incentives for publishers to keep their work exclusively at Amazon with their new Kindle Unlimited program...and guess what?

This is leaving even more opportunities wide open for smart publishers to take advantage of easy royalties.

And this can be done:

  • Without massive marketing
  • Without scrounging or begging for those initial reviews to get the ball rolling
  • Without putting massive amounts of time and energy into getting your content noticed, just so you can grab a few sales.
  • Don’t go chasing your audience, go where they are! Discover exactly where to upload and sell your content

With Publishing Arbitrage you’ll discover a complete system for taking advantage ofhot topics with virtually no competition that you can infiltrate right now.

  • Make more money with less effort..once your content is published, you can move on to your next publishing project and still profit.
  • Stop competing with other publishers. In many cases, yours can be the only book on that topic in the entire marketplace.
  • Stop wasting your time and dollars with marketing that may not work

Here is just one example out of many niches. This topic has only 5 results at a popular publishing platform.

There are thousands of topics, subniches and keywords in all kinds of subjects that have ready and willing buyers, but little-to-no content. And you can profit!

You’re Going To Receive Today: An In-depth guide that reveals...

  • Done for you research- hundreds of topics and keywords researched for you. I show you exactly where to publish for specific topics that have high-demand, and low competition...right now. This is easily worth 10x the cost.
  • The fastest and easiest publishing methods, in many cases you can just publish once to multiple platforms and profit.
  • My strategies for creating top-level content, fast.
  • How to grow your publishing royalties without publishing more books

People are loving this training:

I purchased Publishing Arbitrage. It was a great product that shows unique ways to expand your profits with your publishing assets. I definitely recommend picking up this report!-Jim Cochrane

Imagine This...

Having a rinse-and repeat method where you can easily get paid for your content without the hassle.


  • I show you the marketplaces where your content is in-demand.
  • I’ve done all the research for you.
  • I share hundreds of high search volume keywords with little-to-no competition
  • I show you how to produce it quickly.
  • I’ve provided step by step instructions on how to get started.


I’ve Done 90% of the Hard Work For You!

Imagine being able to quickly produce a book in a hot niche.

What would it mean to you to see royalties in your bank each and every month. What would you do with that?

Imagine being able to finally do what you want, when you want, having the freedom to write from home, without a boss or traveling to work.

More time for the things you love.

How much is that worth to you?

Grab Publishing Arbitrage Today

Publishing Arbitrage: Mining the Paid Content Gap For Profits

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Publishing Arbitrage: Mining the Paid Content Gap For Profits

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Amy Harrop

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