Publish and Profit With Little To No Writing Needed...

Quickly Create A Publishing Empire
With Insider Secrets For
Publishing, and Positioning
Profitable Content That Requires
Little-to-No Writing!

  • Your Complete a-z system for Publishing Easy Books and Printables that Sell!
  • Create Ready-to-Sell Printable Products In as Little As 5 Minutes!
  • Leverage my '5 minute' Book Building System to create content fast!
  • Profit, Rinse and Repeat!

I’m sure you’ve heard more than your fair share of success stories, from people raking in massive royalties each month with online content.  

And yeah, it must be pretty annoying by now!  

Chances are...if you are struggling to get your content out in the marketplace, or aren’t getting the results you want, you are focusing on the wrong things.  

It doesn’t have to be that way!  

Let an expert take you by the hand and help you create, publish, position and promote low content books for your publishing empire.  

Discover how to create and monetize your content fast with innovative strategies that will increase your publishing productivity 50-150%...or more!  

What’s particularly awesome is that virtually anyone can create products that buyers want right now. 

As I said in the video... no special skills or training are needed – anyone can do this!

LOW Content Print Publishing IS the Path To Publishing Profits

In fact print books are much more popular than ebooks..and low content books are incredibly popular...Yes STILL, and it will continue now in the new year!

"Sales of print formats, particularly in trade publishing, increased, while ebook sales declined. 'StatShot Annual 2015 has confirmed print’s marked return. The paper book, just like the ebook, is here to stay,' said Tina Jordan, vice president of the Association of American Publishers in a press release." Source

And low content products are easy to publish.

  • Journals
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring Books
  • Planners
  • Card Decks
  • Writing Prompts
  • Art Journals
  • ...and many more!

Check out these stats:

What if I told you that you can publish books just like these - that people want to buy...
with little to no writing needed?

Printable Profits Empire

A Step-by-Step Blueprint To

  • Create and publish low content books and printables fast, cut through the crap and get on track!
  • Leverage my '5 Minute' book building system for fast publishing
  • Multiply and publish in-demand books faster and easier
  • Position your content for more sales  
  • Use my cover creation strategy for effortless in-demand covers your buyers will love...every time!
  • Streamline the publishing process
  • Make more sales with less work
  • Leap ahead of the competition with innovative publishing techniques that speed up your profits!
  • Tap into the print publishing secrets that sell  
  • Rapidly leverage your book into multiple income streams
  • Quickly Publish high-quality content without technical snafus
  • Get the whole publishing process from a-z
  • And much more!

Printable Profits Empire is comprehensive training for publishing and profiting with: Journals, worksheets, planners, checklists, cards, printables, puzzles, and more! Including over the shoulder demos from page to book to royalties.  


These are brand new secrets, tips, and strategies. I dig deep and reveal how you can easily create in-demand books and content that buyers love.!

These strategies will put you head and shoulders above your competition!

I know I’m repeating myself, but I have to say it yet again…

Giving the market what it wants is the key to success.  

Make no mistake about it... this is a booming market! Better yet, it’s still off the radar of most publishers and marketers.

Which spells massive opportunity for you!

The time to tap this market is right now! To profit, all you need to do is find out what products buyers  are looking for, then deliver it to them.  

It’s that simple!  

And in most cases, you’ll need little or no original content! You can easily utilize free public domain/royalty-free content as well as private label rights (PLR) content!  

I’ll provide you with resources to make finding the right content for your products easy, and even FREE!

What Does Printable Profits Empire Include?

5 video sessions where I transform
basic content into bestselling books
and printables...over and over again!

Session #1 - Assembling your Empire

Transform your content into in-demand printables and books

  • Transform basic content into bestselling books and printables
  • The template method for creating books fast
  • Easy shortcuts to expedite your publishing...and profits
  • How to turn one content income stream into many and minimize your workload!
  • Leverage automation tools that nearly do all the work for you  

Session #2 - Publishing Your Empire

Get your books onto multiple marketplaces fast

  • Shortcuts for print-ready publishing
  • Creating covers that sell
  • The best places to publish and why
  • How to increase your book sales without creating new content 

Session #3 - Creating Your Empire Content

The Nuts and bolts of creating the most popular types of low content including...

  • Cards
  • Coloring Books
  • Journals
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Workbooks
  • Companion Books
  • Puzzles
  • Education
  • And more

Session #4 - Creating Your Empire Content

How to gain even more traction with the content you create, including...

  • How to expand your empire with the same content...over and over again
  • How to create in-demand content people love

Session #5 - Positioning Your Empire
Make autopilot sales with small tweaks that make a big difference including:

  • Niche selection to find untapped markets you can dominate
  • Keyword research to get your content in front of hungry buyers
  • How to get more mileage out of your content with less work
  • Where to find buyers FAST

Every Session Is Available in Both
Video & PDF Slide Format

 You can access the sessions any time day or night!


  • What is Printable Profits Empire

This is brand-new training where I reveal tools, techniques and shortcuts to go from idea to publishing profits fast. The focus is on demos and over-the-shoulder training as I reveal my content creation, publishing, and profit secrets. This is brand-new training with strategies and shortcuts that will put you ahead of the competition.

  • This Training is for You If You...

  • You want over the shoulder demos of nuts and bolts low content publishing
  • You want the whole picture from single page creation to passive royalties and sales
  • You want to speed up your publishing time
  • You want to increase your profits and royalties
  • This Training is NOT for You If You...

  • Are not an action taker
  • Make excuses rather than find solutions
  • Aren't interested in publishing popular low-content books
  • How will this training be delivered?

You can automatically access the recordings and additional materials inside the member’s area. 

Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have this expert take you by the hand and help you create, publish, and position your printable empire!  

In as little as a few hours, you can build a profitable and passive revenue stream, that will help take your publishing businesses to whole new levels!

Apply some effort to creating just a few dynamic, high-quality l products, and just imagine how many income streams you can create within just one month.

These revenue streams will just keep delivering profits to you - with no additional work needed.

Proven, Practical Training – No Theory or Guesswork!

My comprehensive training is based on proven and fully-tested strategies.

You also get the tools and resources you need to succeed!

My Promise To You

At the end of the 5 Sessions, you'll have everything you need to streamline, profit, and scale with low-content print publishing.

This is an incredible opportunity to get step-by-step
training at a steep discount from what you would pay
with individual coaching.

See This MUST HAVE Time Saving
Additional Training Included! 

Coloring Page Bundle, Including... 

This Massive Print Graphics Bundle Includes 85 Unique Designs!

  • 20 Original Mandalas
  • 45 Unique Symmetrical Images
  • 20 Fun Mini-Patterns
  • Large 12 x 12 Inch Scalable Images - insert into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or nearly any graphics editor to quickly resize, combine, crop and more.
  • Delivered in .PDF Format with each image on its own page for quicker publishing

Online Self-Publishing Guide for CreateSpace, LuLu and Kindle Direct Publishing

A step-by-step, illustrated guide to getting started with today's top self-publishing platforms. Discover the techniques the pros know to save time, produce high-quality books, and make more money.

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Here's Everything You Get When You
Register Today:

  • Five training sessions teaching you the latest techniques - $397 Value
  • 24/7 access to the member’s area - $97 Value
  • Ongoing access to all recordings - $197 Value
  • Slides in printable PDF format - $97 Value
  • Coloring Page Bundle BONUS! - $17 Value

This is A Massive Value
and a True No-Brainer

That's a $1500+ Value

Print Profits Empire
Print Profits Empire

Amy Harrop

P.S. Don't wait....achieve your publishing dreams today.

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