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Best Of All, With Little Or NO Original Content?

Tap Into This Proven Strategy To Reach Eager Buyers In Multiple Niches...

Over and Over Again!

Hi there, it’s Amy Harrop!

By now, you’ve surely heard more than your fair share of all the self-publishing success stories happening online…

You know what I’m talking about…

Regular people who are earning incredible profits each and every month with self-publishing. 

What do they know that you don't?

Well, for one thing, they know what works. They know what SELLS!

It doesn't take special talents, skills or money. You just have to know what works!

Learn the profitable strategies to work smarter, not harder...

...and make more money in less time!

The answer to doing just that is right here on this page.

And better yet, I'm going to show you how to start profiting quickly!

It's easier to do than you might think!

You just need to know how to leverage massively popular niches that are teeming with fanatical, hungry audiences who are ready to buy.

Simply create the content that they're looking for! 

It's a fact:

Low-content published products are among the fastest-growing segments of Amazon’s physical book/content sales. 

Take a look at this...

I’m going to show you the easy, proven strategy to create simple books that this growing segment of buyers want...

And yes, with little or no original content needed!  

In fact with this powerful strategy, your readers do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to content creation! 

Hey, I know that sounds too good to be true, but it is! :)

Now, it's easier than ever to produce highly-profitable books and digital products, and without weeks/months of work and tons of risk! 

To Succeed, All It Takes Is Knowing How To Leverage A Secret, Proven Goldmine…

It's Called... Companion Publishing.

What is "Companion Publishing" exactly?

It's the strategy of publishing Consumable content that compliments and/or ties into existing content that's proven to be popular.

Find a book or theme that's trending, and create a product that leverages it. You can use existing content and/or create products that require very little content to start with!   

Forget what you know, this is the future of self-publishing!

  • Publish products that already have a hungry audience of proven buyers!
  • You can publish these products fast... in as little as ONE DAY!
  • Garner more fans, subscribers and yes... BUYERS in less time than ever imagined! 

Here's Proof That This Strategy Works... 

We've all heard about the 'Atkins Diet’ right?

But what few people know is that it has been a publishing phenomenon for years!

There are literally millions of buyers who actively seek out and buy products related to the Atkins Diet each and every day!

They're looking for companion-based content, such as:

  • Workbooks
  • Planners
  • And Diet Journals

These products have high perceived value already built-in, yet are actually quite simple and inexpensive to create! 

No Original Content?
No Problem!

Know what's particularly awesome about this strategy?

It's PERFECT for repurposing and reusing existing content, even FREE public domain content!  

This strategy is by far the easiest way to grow your self-publishing business into a highly-profitable empire... Period.

Tap Into Niches That Are Chock Full Of Bestsellers...

...Over and Over Again! 

Here are just a few examples of successful companion books that are currently selling like hotcakes:

Do you get the idea and see the potential yet?

These niches, among literally hundreds of others are MASSIVELY popular.

These are consumable books and products that fans will buy over and over again!

And we're not even talking about the ENDLESS

sub-niches and categories that you can tap!   

And yes, these books typically require very little writing. They can easily be compiled using existing content - quickly and easily!  

Tap into the proven strategy, start profiting today.


Publish Low Content Books That SELL.

Profit The Easy, Fast and FUN Way!

As with all of my trainings, Companion Publishing Profits is based on a simple-yet-powerful concept...

Give People What They Want To Buy! 

With this strategy, there is literally zero chance of saturation, simply because you can easily modify your books to fit a wide variety of categories and target audiences!

Here’s a quick glance at what you’ll learn:

  • How to easily leverage the hottest publishing sector with insane demand. In fact, it's growing at a rate of 85% (according to Book Expo America)! 
  • The top 3 formats of simple, profitable companion content.  
  • How to quickly capitalize on proven hungry audiences and trending hot topics! 
  • The "ultimate evergreen" topic with 64,000 published titles, most of which are perfect for companion content. With this knowledge, you won't run out of ideas anytime soon!  
  • How to easily identify what the masses are looking for. I introduce you to two tools that make doing this a slam-dunk, each and every time. (Teaser: There's also a third tool that helps you pinpoint all current red-hot topics!)  
  • How to easily get more exposure and generate sales for content that you already have!   
  • Endless "DONE FOR YOU" hot categories with low competition that you can easily dominate!    
  • How to easily create "drag-and-drop" high-quality template designs ....with free tools and absolutely NO design skills!  
  • The proven 3-step method to easily map out your companion book - in 5 minutes or less!  
  • The one thing your readers expect from your companion content…and the secret to delivering it each and every time!   
  • How to create your content, quickly and easily! My over-the-shoulder training shows you how to put it all together, usually in just a few minutes! 
  • How to easily and legally create companion content using other people’s content and even PLR! And yes, you can sell it on Amazon!
  • How to easily promote and position your book on Amazon for maximum sales -  and with ZERO advertising!
  • The best proven ways to get massive FREE exposure and generate even more sales!

And trust me... there's a whole lot more! 

Act Soon, And You’ll Get These Awesome Bonuses That Will Help You Build Your Publishing Empire Even Faster:

Action-Taker Super Bonus #1:

“50 Ways to Market Your Self-Published Book” (a $17 value) – Yours FREE!

Here are 50 ingenious, proven ways will get your book into the hands of as many paying customers as possible. Better yet, with little or no upfront expense!

Action-Taker Super Bonus #2:

“How To Publish Books On Lulu” (a $17 Value) – Yours FREE!

With this easy step-by-step PDF guide, you'll learn all about the hot opportunities for additional royalties by putting your companion books on this rapidly-growing platform!

No Fluff...
No theory...

No BS!

Grab this no-nonsense blueprint at a highly-discounted price (for a limited time), and put yourself on the fast-track to profits... 

...Starting TODAY!

Here’s what you get with Companion
Publishing Profits:

  • 75 page step-by-step guide that will have you creating these popular hot-sellers fast!
  • 5 over-the-shoulder training videos…watch how easy it is to create companion content!        
  • The hottest buying categories and demographics - done for you!
  • Companion publishing best practices for easy sales, and no hassles!
  • My proven "fast-start" method to creating the bulk of your content in record time!  
  • And much more!

Put yourself miles ahead of the competition!

  • Start making money faster, while saving time, tons of money, and endless frustration!
  •  Find out EXACTLY what hungry buyers are looking for, with ZERO guesswork and nothing left to chance!
  • Get all the tools you need to publish popular books that will be hot sellers!
  • Reuse and repurpose content that you already own (even PLR) for fast profits!

 Customer Feedback

Check out what customers are saying about Companion Publishing Profits…

Companion Publishing Profits

This program offers a most interesting way to get into writing/publishing, but without the usual hard work which this business normally requires. I am enjoying the course enormously.


Excellent excellent ideas here. I skimmed the ebook but I can see that there are fantastic ideas here - very novel, creative and relatively easy to produce. Very well worth looking into this product if you have even just a spark of creativity in your soul.


CPP is another excellent training product from Amy!

Amy never disappoints with her training and Companion Product Publishing is no exception! I have been publishing coloring books and journals for awhile and new ideas have started getting very hard to come up with. The information contained in her CPP product gave me an easier way to come up with new, profitable ideas. As always her training is thorough, complete with videos allowing you to look over her shoulder as she takes you through exactly how to find the products and what to do once you have found them. This product shows you how to come up with new ideas that havent been done to death, and how to easily and quickly come up with the content for your journal or workbook. She also includes fantastic tutorials on publishing your finished product on Amazon and with Shopify, which I was struggling with before her in-depth training, How To Get Started and Profit With Shopify. I also purchased the templates, which are amazing! They really help to get your product finished and published faster. Thank you Amy for another wonderful training product. Keep them coming!!


Infinite Possibilities

I have planned to do a number of Workbooks for my Kindle Books. But I procrastinated because I didn't have the technical knowledge. Amy covered everything and a lot more: Forms, Layout, Createspace, Infographics, Wordpress, Canva, Journals, and so much more. Bye bye "Overwhelm" .. And I already have more ideas. I am quite sure that a book a week would be within range even if you're a Newbie like me. Anyone who has a non-fiction book can use this Right Away. And even more incredible, you can piggyback off other people' books, within legal limits, of course. In fact, you don't even need to have a book, just an idea that lends itself to this format.




  • How is the training delivered?
    The multi-media training is delivered inside a secure members’ area. You’ll enjoy instant access once you complete your order. Everything is downloadable and you can access the materials via your choice of desktop, laptop, tablet or even your smart phone!
  • What is companion publishing?                                                                      
    Companion publishing allows you to quickly and easily create content that needs little-to-no-writing that leverages hot trends, your own content, and even other people’s books and content. With companion publishing, the reader is doing the majority of the writing for you!
  • What resources do I need to create these companion products?
    All you need is content for your companion books and I’ll show you exactly how to easily create it – or where to get it…even for free  
  • What kinds of complementary products can I publish and sell?
    You can easily publish and sell complementary products in a wide variety of niches! For example, the diet and weight loss market has some 64,000 titles on Amazon alone, any one of which could be perfect for you to create one or more companion products. And that market is by no means the biggest at your disposal.  I share a number of hot topics across a wide variety of niches.
  • Do I need to market these books?                                                                                    The great thing about these books is they tap into an established audience and require very little marketing. I show you how to structure your publishing for maximum organic sales, and some effective techniques if you want to reach even more people.

Remember, I’ve done most of the hard work and field-testing for you. 

Just follow my blueprint and profit!

Rest assured of one thing...

What you learn from Companion Publishing Profits is easily worth $97 or more!

But if you act FAST, you’ll get this value-packed training for the ridiculously low price of only…  

So let’s recap the superb value you’re getting today

  • A straight to the point 75 page PDF guide, revealing all you need to quickly and easily create highly desirable companion books in a wide variety of niches and demographics.
  • Five ‘over the shoulder’ videos to make it as easy as pie for you to quickly publish and profit.
  • PLUS – if you act fast – you’ll also get these two awesome bonuses…

---> “50 Ways to Market Your Self-Published Book” - a $17.00 value   Learn everything you need to know about getting your book into the hands of as many paying customers as possible.

  ---> “How To Publish Books On Lulu” - a $17.00 value
 The handy step-by-step guide to self publishing on

This training is easily worth $97 or more!

Take action now and get this value-packed training PLUS the bonus materials for a ridiculously low price of ONLY…

 You now have an easy choice  

You can either carry as before, watching with envy others making fortunes with self publishing ... 


You can make the sensible choice and take full advantage of the I’m offering you.  

If you take action TODAY – you can get your hands on EVERYTHING above for the amazingly LOW price for ALL the research and hard work DONE FOR YOU.

To Your Success,
Amy Harrop

P.S. Make no mistake, this is a no-brainer.

That means more books in less time, and more MONEY and FREE TIME for you! So do yourself a favor and check this out, you can thank me later! :)

Yes Amy, I want to take this express elevator to publishing success

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