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A lot of people feel that many of the book niches, particularly on Amazon, are saturated, and that competition is high. This is true for many topics.

Whatever the case, they're not making any money and they're ready to give up.

What if you could easily and successfully publish for buyers who are actively searching with cash in hand? With all the relevant research included, and all you needed to do was to get the book written?

Find A Proven and Successful Niche
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With this approach, there are people out there spending a few hours to create a
short book of 15-20 pages, who are finding their books on Amazon's best seller lists. 

One of the fastest ways to have publishing success is to publish what people want to buy...

And you could publish to a built-in audience in as little as 15 pages.. 

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This Niche is Full of Bestsellers

Check out These Sales Ranks:

This number one bestseller is only 17 pages
This number one bestseller is only 24 pages
This bestseller in the fiction section is only 17 pages

Want A Piece of This?

The thing is, there is a lot of stuff you usually have to do to effectively publish profitable books.

 Besides actually creating the content, you usually have to:

  • Research the market
  • Research the content
  • Plan and outline
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Publish...and hope it sells

Introducing ...

What Are Piggyback Books?

Piggyback books receive a massive popularity boost from other best-selling books in their niche! 

Piggyback books thrive in a wide variety of niches, categories, and demographics.

I’ve delved deep in this profitable Genre and found 6 GOLDMINES that are
full of rabid buyers!

Inside – I’ve already done 90% of the work for you… leaving you just 10%
to do to profi

You'll Discover:

  • Research the market
  • Research the market
  • Research the content
  • Plan and outline
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Publish...and hope it sells

What Does Piggyback Publishing
Profits Include:

  • Rinse and Repeat for numerous books in numerous niches
  • Create books that sell fast-15-50 pages
  • Competitive intelligence reverse engineered for success.
  • How To Find the hottest books to piggyback
  • Short content topic outlines you can use to write or give to your outsourcer
  • Essentials you must include for your book to be a success.
  • Rinse and repeat strategies to grow your publishing empire
  • The top: categories,descriptions,covers and books.
  • What readers love about these books-include these elements for more book sales.
  • The minimalist marketing plan that works for these books.

“But Amy? Won’t The Niche Get Saturated If We Are All
In The Niche, Using the Same Stuff?"

One of the beauties of this niche is that there is no chance of saturation because 
you can easily modify these books for a huge variety of categories and audiences.

The 6 most popular niches are included, and these cover a huge variety of

sub-niches, age groups and categories. 

In fact, you can easily publish these books for nearly any demographic or niche:

  • Children
  • Teens
  • Men
  • Women
  • Diet
  • Hobbies
  • Financial
  • Fiction...And Much More!

In fact – I’d say 90% of the hard work has been DONE FOR YOU
and now all you need to write is a book that’s almost guaranteed to be a
 Piggyback bestseller thanks to my extensive research and planning….

I don’t mess around or give you a bunch of theories or “fluff.” You get a no-nonsense blueprint that you can use to speed along the path to profits with these books
this very day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: What type of books are 15 pages and a best seller?

These are popular books, in high-demand, that piggyback off of popular subjects. 

You can profitably publish piggyback books in many different niches and

You'll find Piggyback books on the Kindle Bestseller Lists in:

-Mystery, Romance, and Literary FIction
-Business & Money
-Health, FItness & Dieting
-and many more categories

If you are thinking poor quality books is the angle here, think again. 
You know that Cliff Notes is one of the most popular publishing companies on 
college campuses, don't you?

If you assume that this product is about Cliff Notes, you will miss out on a 
whole lot of profits, but it is a known entity that will get you into the right 
mindset pretty quick.

Q: How Long Should Piggyback books be?

They average 15-50 pages. Many of the bestselling books are under 30 pages.

Q: How Difficult is it to write a Piggyback book?

You need to find the right books to piggyback. I show you how. 
Then, you can follow my publishing templates included in this
product and publish these books quickly without sacrificing quality.

Q: Are Piggyback Books allowed on Amazon?

Yes, they are! You just need to follow Amazon's guidelines:

The criteria are that:

• The title begins with Summary, Study guide, or Analysis (for example: Summary and Analysis: Pride and Prejudice);

• The cover image prominently indicates the content is a summary, study guide, or analysis before the title of the original book in a font size the same or larger than the title of the original book;

• The contributor(s) of the original book does not appear in the contributor field;

• The content is categorized in the Study Aid category that best reflects the work (for example, Study Aid | Book Notes).

Content: Companion books are only sold in the US, which means that you can only publish your title on and not on other marketplaces.

Are there Any Copyright Issues?

I'm not an attorney and cannot speak to any issue regarding publishing piggyback books with specific publishers, authors, or titles. However, these are popular books that are being published continuously on Amazon and other marketplaces and have been for some time.

Personally, I think it is similar to reviewing a book or a movie on a blog or in a book, you can discuss, analyze, and summarize without having to contact the author. What you cannot do is quote large sections of the original, or pass off what the original is saying as your own words.

Leap Ahead of the Competition With This Publishing Success Training

  • You’ll save time, money and frustration with powerful done for you research,
    easy-to-create content, sales strategies, and more.
  • You’ll save hours of time and frustration, no guessing what hungry buyers
    want, you’ll know.
  • You’ll have all the tools you need to tap in and quickly profit with little writing needed.
  • You’ll jump ahead of the competition and grab multiple streams of income-
    this is a hot topic on multiple marketplaces.

You’re Going To Receive Today:

  • 45+ Page PDF with Supplementary Resources
  • TONS of research to drastically reduce the time it takes for you to start profiting with these books.
  • The best performing niches and categories for these books revealed.
  • How to quickly find hot piggyback subjects and books
  • Content overviews for each niche.
  • Rinse and repeat strategies to grow your publishing empire.
  • The 6 hottest niches and how to create and structure these books for maximum effect.
  • A complete marketing plan ~ tailored specifically for piggyback books!
  • Plus Bonus: Q and A Session

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