Leverage This Built-In Audience...NO Writing Needed

This 'Secret' Turns Simple Content Into Highly In-Demand Goldmines....

Low Competition With Over 45 Million  Buyers On Multiple Marketplaces...

These Sell Over and Over On Multiple Platforms, Rinse and Repeat....

Hi, Amy Harrop here,...

You may know that I’m absolutely crazy about low content printables and digital downloads. These products are easy to create, and people buy them over and over again.

But recently, I’ve discovered a huge opportunity for a special type of super popular  printable. And surprisingly, very few people are taking advantage of it. Despite a thriving market and a built-in repeat-customer-niche, competition is low.  

The best part is these printables don’t require a lot of work to create... in fact no writing is needed! 

Millions of Customers are Searching for These On Multiple Marketplaces...
Publish Once, Sell Over and Over Again 

One of the great things about this opportunity is that you get to help teachers and educators...
Overworked education professionals like teachers are often short on time and looking for easy solutions for their classroom.
Kids are now back in school, and teachers need to get their classrooms ready....
You can help!

These Special Types Of Digital Printables Are 
Highly In-Demand Right Now

Gorgeous classroom posters, eye-catching bulletin board borders, seasonal decor, holiday kits and more are flying off the shelves.

Educators are buying these over and over again throughout the year....

What are EDU Decor Printables?


  • Bulletin Board Kits
  • Classroom Posters
  • Door Artwork
  • Holiday Kits - Posters, info sheets, etc.
  • Seasonal Kits





Get Started Fast:

  • NO Shipping
  • NO Inventory
  • Sell On Multiple Marketplaces

Printable classroom decor allows teachers to save time and money and still update their classroom to match the changing seasons, holidays, and events.

This Type of Printable Sells 
Over and Over Again...

These are consistently selling over and over again. Why?

*Unsaturated Market. The demand for these is only increasing as more teachers and students are back in the classroom.
*Rinse and Repeat Passive Publishing, tons of sub-niches with high demand and low competition.
*A Built-in, Captive Audience: teachers and educators spend money on these throughout the year.
*Very low content, and even easier with the DFY templates included.
*These can be sold digitally or physically on multiple platforms...many opportunities to make sales.

Teachers and Educators Are Spending Money
 To Make Their Lives Easier...
And You Can Help



The average teacher spends 
$750 per year of their own money on classroom supplies.


Here Are Just a Few Examples of
Super Successful Edu Digital Decor Sellers









To Be Clear, There are MULTIPLE Booming Markets of Customers That Are Looking To Purchase Products That You Can Easily Create... And They Have Cash In Hand Right Now!

Etsy, Teacher Pay Teachers, and many other online markets are desperate for this type of content. 

5 Million

Over five million teachers shop on Teachers Pay Teachers. That’s equivalent to more than 2 out of every 3 teachers, and these numbers are increasing every year. The top seller on TPT has made $2 million.


Amazon is the number one place teachers visit when shopping for school supplies.

https://  www.digitalcommerce360.com/2018/08/29/teachers-say-amazon-is-their-favorite-place-to-buy-school-supplies-this-year/



There are over over 39.4 million active Etsy buyers worldwide, and the majority of them shop over and over again.

https: //www.statista.com/statistics/409374/etsy-active-sellers/

Introducing EDU Printable Decor Made Easy...

EDU Printable Decor Made Easy reveals everything you need to know to publish bestselling classroom decor printables for multiple marketplaces. Includes DFY templates- simply edit, list and sell!

This is brand-new training and implementation that has been specially created to meet the high demand for this type of content, with little to no writing necessary.

No Special Skills Or Experience Required...I include everything you need to get started, even DFY templates.

Everything I’m including will give you exactly what you need to publish fast. It’s THE solution for making high-quality and easy-to-market classroom printables in a snap.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Get Access To Edu Printable

Decor Made Easy...

The Easy In-Depth PDF Guide

This 90+page guide spells out EVERY DETAIL you will need to easily publish printable classroom decor across multiple marketplaces. Absolutely everything is included!

  • Discover why printable and downloadable decor options are the BEST choice for you.
  • Learn why EDU printable décor is a powerful business model, and why now is a great time to jump in this high-demand niche.
  • Get insider strategies: including tips on product bundling, identifying and appealing to your target audience, the best places to sell EDU printable décor, and easy ways to increase your sales.
  • The best ways to grab free, targeted traffic to your printables!
  • And Much, Much More!

3 Handy Checklists For Publishing and Selling Fast

These checklists are included to provide you with quick reference sheets for all aspects of product creation from beginning to end.

You'll receive checklists for:

1. Locating Resources for Your Educational Printables

2. Publishing Your Educational Printables

3. Promoting Your Educational Printables

Over-The-Shoulder Video Training

Besides the guide and checklists, I’ve also created a set of easy to follow videos that show the exact steps you need to take to create products in top-selling niches. 

Each of the videos also comes with a mini-guide transcription including step-by-step screenshots.

Because some people are visual learners, I wanted to make sure to cover all the bases and give you every advantage for getting off to a great start right out of the gate.

These videos and transcription guides will help accomplish that.

Step-By-Step Guide -- Teachers Pay Teachers

I've also included a comprehensive guide to setting up your own store on the educational mega-marketplace Teachers Pay Teachers. Remember, you don't have to be a teacher to sell to teachers....

This guide walks you through the entire set-up process as well as how to list your items. Nothing is left out!

There are even insider tricks to help you succeed with your very first product!

24 DFY Classroom Decor Templates

24 Done-For-You classroom decor templates provides you a huge shortcut to multiple streams of income.

I've included these professionally-created, easy-to-edit templates that can be used to create tons of different products.

All templates come with full commercial use rights; you can modify and publish the end result as your own.

I've also provided these beautiful templates in both PowerPoint and Canva so you can use them in whichever program you're most comfortable with.

And the most popular classroom decor niches are represented...you'll receive templates for classroom posters, bulletin board kits and borders, classroom welcome signs and more!

  • Beautifully designed printable templates all in easy-to-edit PowerPoint format.
  • The exact same printable templates in my favorite new online tool Canva.
  • Custom-tailored for hot-selling educational decor printables niches.
  • Tutorial Videos revealing how to quickly change or tweak the designs. 

So How About A Quick Peek Inside The Guide?

There are 90+ pages of non-fluff content that are focused on strategies for dominating the printable classroom decor market.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover:

  • Why this is an excellent product for anyone to sell, and why now is the best time to jump in.(p.13)
  • Six key points on why this niche is so powerful to create and publish. (p.21-23)
  • Stellar examples from five incredibly successful sellers of edu printable decor to give you inspiration. (p.29-32)
  • No fail-strategies for best-selling printables. (p.32-38)
  • In-Depth guidance through the most popular sub-niches in the category. (p.43-69)
  • The art to timing your release of new products for MAXIMUM SALES (p.41)
  • HOT KEYWORDS that will help you edge out your competition (p.34)
  • Insider Tricks to knock it out of the park (p.72)
  • Step-by-step help with quick set-up of a store and listings on MULTIPLE educational marketplaces (p.77-79)

And A Whole Lot More!

Here's What Customers Say About EDU Printable Decor Made Easy: 

I enjoyed all of the training, it was a completely new area for me and I thought it was presented really well. I was undecided on the type of product to make, but after completing this course I have a much better idea of what I want to do.

Carrie Butler

Like, all of Amy products it is no fluff or BS and training content targets straight down to business and she provides templates too. recommend this because of the training alone Never really considered this market. After watching the videos and the ease in which Amy was able to create products it was WOW, that's cool.


Edu Printable Decor Made Easy - REALLY is easy! The step by step instructions she provides you as you go through the training is the best. I Love Amy's Courses - I recommend you look at what she has to offer and see what may work for you. You'll be glad you did - I am! Before I purchased and went through the course I knew what Printable Decor was and knew it was something I could do - but I wasn't sure how to get started. She makes it really easy and offers great bonuses.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Is EDU Printable Decor Made Easy?

EDU Printable Decor Made Easy is a comprehensive course and DFY templates that to give you everything you need to sell in-demand classroom decor printables across multiple markets.

Q. Where can I sell the products I create with EDU Printable Decor Made Easy?

The training focuses primarily on Etsy, and Teachers Pay Teachers, and but you can also sell these on a variety of other sites as well.

Q. How is the training delivered?

Everything is available inside the secure members’ area, which you get immediate access to once you complete your order. The printed materials are in PDF format, and the videos are in .mp4 format. The templates are in PPT format.

You can download everything from the site, and can read/view the materials via any computer, tablet or even your smartphone!

Q. Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to create income streams with little to no writing and no special skills required.

Publishers and Low Content Creators, Authors, Bloggers, Online Marketers, Service Providers, and more!

You don't need to be a teacher or have education experience to sell these in-demand classroom printables.

Q. Can I get started if I am new?

Absolutely! I show you what to do step by step. And on top of that, once you have this knowledge, you will be able to apply it to other niches in many different printable and digital categories. 

Q. Do I have to do any shipping myself?

Absolutely not. You can sell digital downloads, or your products can be shipped automatically for you...this is a true virtual opportunity.

Plus, When You Get Started Today...You’ll Receive These Tailored, High-Quality Bonuses!

Now, let me be clear...EDU Printable Decor Made Easy is worth its weight in gold and then some.  As a matter of fact, I should be charging at least DOUBLE...

However, as my way of saying thanks for giving EDU Printable Decor Made Easy a try, I want to include these bonuses at no extra cost to you when you get access today.

Pinterest Templates & Tools

Leverage the power of Pinterest to market and sell your products. This bonus includes in-depth guidance on easily growing your Pinterest audience, leveraging hashtags, Pinterest ads and analytics and lots more!

100 Success Quotes

This bonus includes 100 quotes from famous people on the topic of success. These can be utilized in all kinds of digital classroom decor designs and products.

Here's everything that's included today

  • An in-depth 90+ page guide that reveals all the secrets you need to know to cash in on the in-demand classroom decor printables market! ($297 VALUE)
  • Easy to follow, over-the-shoulder videos transcriptions with step-by-step screenshots that show you exactly what to do every step of the way to create four super hot products in this niche. ($97 VALUE)
  • 24 Done-For-You templates in the most popular classroom categories. These templates will give you a huge boost over the competition and allow you to start creating AND SELLING printable classroom decor today. ($297 VALUE)
  • 3 checklists that walk you through everything you need to know to locate resources, publish, and promote quickly and easily. ($39 VALUE)
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up Your Own Teachers Pay Teachers Store ($67 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Pinterest Templates & Tools ($47)
  • BONUS: 100 Success Quotes ($37)


Only $37

And it's backed by my rock-solid guarantee. Go through all the materials, checklists, videos, and bonuses, and see for yourself how simple it is to create high-quality items with little-to-no writing in incredibly popular classroom decor printables niches.

Get Started In Minutes...

From the 90+ page guide to the DFY templates, I've included everything you need to succeed.

Go ahead and do it now. You won’t regret it. I guarantee it.

Only $37

To Your Success,

Amy Harrop

p.s. Don't miss out on the huge built-in audience that is actively searching for these...

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