No Design Experience Needed...

  Tap Into This Secret That Turns Simple Products Into High-Demand Goldmines
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Leverage DFY Content and Publish Ready To Sell Products Fast!

Hi, Amy Harrop here,

You may know that I’m absolutely crazy about fast and easy income streams with little-to-no writing needed.

And one of the easiest to get started with is print-on-demand...

What is print-on-demand? Simply, products that are created after customer purchase. And this can be nearly anything and everything, from home decor, to mugs, to clothing.

And the best thing about these is little work is needed on your part..this is a nearly hands-off business model! 

Just create or modify a simple design...that's it! No writing, or design experience needed.

With print-on-demand (or POD for short), no inventory or direct shipping is needed either! The product gets printed and shipped, AFTER the order is placed, and is sent to the customer automatically.

These easy-to-create products require little-to-no design experience, yet people buy them over and over again. In addition, this is a fantastic business model, as it requires NO inventory, direct shipping, and little-to-no startup costs.

Recently, I’ve discovered a massive opportunity for customizable personalized POD products. And surprisingly, very few people are taking advantage of it. Trust me when I tell you that the market that I'm telling you about today is in a word... HUGE. 

The Demand For Print-On-Demand Products is Growing Rapidly...

And, Personalization Is
 In High Demand...


higher prices

1 out of 5 customers are willing to pay 20% more for personalized products!


of consumers

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from brands that offer personalized options.


higher revenues

Marketers report that personalization efforts can boost revenues by up to 15%.

Here Are Just a Few Examples of Successful POD Income Streams...

Personalized products are BOOMING and virtually anyone can create them even without any design experience.

No special training or skills are needed—anyone can do this! 

Simply add a personalized:

  • Name 
  • Color
  • Image
  • and other easy options

Personalized POD Products Are Incredibly Popular Right Now—And Certain Types Are Bestsellers...

Make No Mistake About It... This Is a Booming Market!

To Be Clear, There’s A HUGE Market That Is Looking To Purchase Personalized POD Products That You Can Easily Create... And They Have Cash In Hand Right Now!

Let Me Give You Four Reasons Why You Should Jump Into This Goldmine Right Now.....

  • No Website Needed - You don’t need your own website (sites can be costly, time-consuming, difficult if you’re not good with technology, not to mention you’re constantly worried about security if you’re taking payments yourself) 
  • Low Upfront Investment - The beauty of POD is that you don’t have to buy inventory. Each item is created only after a customer has already purchased it!
  • Excellent For Beginners - You can experiment with many types of products to see what you like creating best. You might start creating t-shirts only to find what you really love creating is POD mugs for dog lovers. Since you have a low upfront investment, you have the space/room to grow.
  • Fast Implementation - You can get products up and start making sales quickly the same day!

Where to sell these?

You can start with Etsy...

According to, Etsy has been steadily growing over the last 8 years and is on it's way to becoming a billion dollar marketplace.


US Alexa Rank

Ranked by Alexa as 41 in the US and 136 in the world for traffic. 



Has over 45.7 million buyers and 80% of these are repeat customers.


Billion in Sales

Users’ shops generated $4.97 Billion in sales in 2019.

And this is just Etsy! There are a number of other popular marketplaces you can also sell POD products on quickly and easily...

Introducing Easy Personalized POD...

Easy Personalized POD reveals how to sell the hottest POD products with personalization options-  no design experience needed. 

This is brand-new training and implementation that has been specially created to meet the high-demand for this type of content.

 No Special Skills Required...

Everything I’m including will give you exactly what you need to create designs and start selling fast. In fact, 99% of the work is done for you!

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Get Access To Easy Personalized POD

The Easy In-Depth Easy Personalized POD Guide

Inside, I share ten very special types of personalized POD products that are highly in-demand. These products fly off the virtual shelves and take only seconds to customize!

I’ll also take you by the hand and personally show you four advanced sales techniques to super-size your sales. This isn’t the same old stuff...

  • How to identify hot POD products and topics and understand what consumers want.
  • Why offering personalized POD products is such a goldmine and the simple steps you can take to include these profit machines in your shop.
  • Where and how to find free and low-cost graphics, images, and fonts to use in your POD products.
  • How to leverage the huge built-in audience of buyers on popular marketplaces.
  • How to identify the best marketplace for your products.
  • The fastest and easiest way to offer personalized and customized products, and integrate the whole process with the POD supplier.
  • How to bundle your products to earn more profits and three more secret sales techniques that can triple your income!

The Easy Quick-Start, Step-by-Step Worksheets

If you’re like me then you probably want an easy way to know which steps to take after you’ve gone through the training you’ve purchased, right?

That’s why I’ve created three worksheets that lay out steps you need to take to get up and running quickly.  

Just pop open these tip sheets, follow the steps, and you’ll be good to go.

1. How to find the perfect keyword tags to make more sales. The brainstorming keyword worksheet will help you quickly and easily find the most popular and best-performing keyword tags so your products will come up in searches on autopilot.

2. Grab Even More Sales From Other Shops. The Competitor Research Worksheet allows you to discover what your competitors are doing well, and what their weak points are. This can help you improve your!

From creating the perfect tags for your products to researching your competitors, these tip sheets are designed to remove any guesswork from the process. 

3. Setup Your Personalized Goldmines, Fast! Get started fast with this quickstart overview for setting up personalized products the fastest and easiet way that I recommend.

Done-For-You Solution: 38 Best-Selling POD Design Templates In Easy to Edit PowerPoint....

  • 38 Beautifully designed POD design templates all in easy-to-edit PowerPoint format.
  • Custom-tailored to showcase these hot-selling easy POD product niches.
  • Tutorial video revealing how to quickly change or tweak the designs to personalize them for your brand or customers.

Finally, I’ve created 38 DFY templates that you can use to quickly personalize and start selling. These are ready-to-use for  the most popular and in-demand personalized POD product niches.

These come with full commercial use rights, you can modify and publish the end result as your own.

With these templates, you can make the quantum leap and have your very own products up and running and ready for sale within the same day.

Oh, and there’s no special editing skills necessary.  You can load these up in PowerPoint or any slide program like Google Slides or LibreOffice, click a few buttons to make your designs unique, and you’re good to go. It’s a true done for you setup!  

And if you get stuck, I’ve also included notes and a how-to video to show you how to edit these templates quickly and easily!

So How About A Quick Peek Inside The Guide?

There are 90+ pages of non-fluff content that are ripe with strategies for the personalized POD product market.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover:

  • Get the inside scoop on why personalized POD products are the ultimate way to fast track your passive income. 
  • What are the secret benefits that personalized POD products have over other product types? Find out right here! 
  • No Photoshop or graphic design experience necessary when you use this FREE tool for all your graphic design needs. ( won’t need to download any software!) 
  • Discover the marketplaces that make it easy to add personalization to your shop with just a few clicks. 
  • The hottest products for personalization, and how to choose products with huge audience appeal
  • Learn the secret shortcut to product research. Align your products with demand and analyze your competitors in minutes! 
  • The precise step-by-step checklist to sell high-demand personalized products.
  • Insider tips for marketing your products and generating even more sales! 
  • Save time and money by avoiding common POD mistakes with this comprehensive list...of what not to do!

And A Whole Lot More!

Here's What Customers Say About Easy Personalized POD: 

steven nicolay

As always Amy delivered, she has a knack for explaining the process, so there are no questions asked later. But, if by chance, she is very responsive to customer service emails.

I did not have any problems at all, happy to say.

Mary Simpson

I foound new ways of personalizing products that I had not realized or thought of before. I had thought personaliztion meant lots of personal interactins with ustomers--lots of work personalizing each product purchased. I found that I can use personalization in simple ways to increase the value of products without the hassle of dealing individually with each customer unless I want to.


This is the second course I purchased . I like how it is structured and that it has detailed info about the whole process , and helpful bonuses.

I didn`t know how to start selling personalized items, and this course shows the whole process step by step, and it is supported by useful checklist to follow the whole idea

Janine Herrera

Amy definitely provided the type of step by step training that I can easily follow and implement! I’m so excited about this course and looking forward to starting a POD business in the next few days. This course is worth 10x what I paid for it. I couldn’t find any complete training on starting an online POD business after several months of searching. Now I’m in a position to make passive income! I’m so grateful this course was created with me in mind.


it was a blast right to the point no fluff and very valuable

personalized pod is exactly what is need in the marketplace, it is a no-brainer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Is Easy Personalized POD?

Easy Personalized POD lays out exactly how to create super-popular Personalized POD products  for a variety of audiences, with no design experience needed. It also includes DFY templates, simply edit, list your products, and start making sales!

This is completely new and different -designed for you to take advantage of some of the most popular niches right now with personalized POD products.

Q. Where can I sell the products I create with Easy Personalized POD?

The training focuses primarily on Etsy, but you can also sell these on a variety of other marketplaces.

Q. How is the training delivered?

Everything is available inside the secure members’ area, which you get immediate access to once you complete your order. The printed materials are in PDF format, and the videos are in .mp4 format. The templates are in PPT format.

You can download everything from the site, and can read/view the materials via any computer, tablet or even your smartphone!

Q. Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to create income streams with no design experience and no special skills required.

Q. Can I get started if I am new?

Absolutely! I show you what to do step by step. And on top of that, once you have this knowledge, you will be unstoppable and you will be on your way to POD success. Isn't that exciting?

Q. Do I have to do any shipping myself?

Absolutely not. The beauty of POD products is that each item is only printed and shipped AFTER your customer has already ordered and paid for it. This means you don’t have to keep any inventory or do any shipping yourself. Your POD supplier takes care of all of these details for you!

Plus, When You Get Started Today...You’ll Receive These AMAZING Fast Action Bonuses!

Now, let me be clear...Easy Personalized POD is worth its weight in gold and then some.  As a matter of fact, I should be charging at least DOUBLE...

However, as my way of saying thanks for giving Easy Personalized POD a try, I want to include these bonuses at no extra cost to you when you get access today.

8 More Step-by-Step Checklists to Simplify the POD Process Even Further!

After reading Easy Personalized POD, you have all the tips and tools you need to launch a successful new POD shop or product line. But if you are looking for even more checklists to hold your hand through the process, I’m including 8 brand-new checklists that cover the process right down to the tiniest detail

Step-by-Step processes for:

  • Setting Up Your Store
  • Selecting Your Print Provider
  • Promoting Your Store
  • And Much More!

Whether you want a little extra help choosing your marketplace, solidifying your brand, or adding products to your store--these 8 bonus checklists have you covered!

Here's everything that's included today

  • An in-depth, 90+-page guide that reveals how to get started selling personalized pod! ($247 VALUE)
  • Worksheets that make market research, product tags, and personalized product listings as easy as 1-2-3. ($97 VALUE)
  • 38 easy-to-edit, custom-designed, done-for-you templates with commercial rights. Plus a tutorial video so you can easily customize each template. ($197 VALUE)
  • BONUS: 8 detailed checklists to hold your hand through every aspect of the POD process from product design to brand creation. ($97 VALUE)


And it's backed by my rock-solid guarantee. Go through all the materials, tip sheets, videos, and bonuses, and see for yourself how simple it is to create high-quality POD items even with no design experience in incredibly popular product niches.

 Only $29.99

Click Below To Start Creating Your Very Own  Empire In The Next 3 Minutes!

Just to recap, I’m going to give you 38 customizable templates in easy to edit PPT that you can use to create tons of easy POD products and designs more quickly than you can imagine.
In addition, you get full training for creating personalized pod products so you can get up and running fast. And, when you combine this information with all the templates, tip sheets, and bonus assets I'm including today...there’s no reason you can't succeed quickly.

The only thing you need to do now is make the right choice and click the button below to get started.

Go ahead and do it now. You won’t regret it. I guarantee it.

 Only $29.99

To Your Success,

Amy Harrop

p.s. Don’t miss out on the huge built-in audience for personalized POD products! Get started right now!

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