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How Would You Like to Create Popular Personalized POD Products Even Faster With In-Demand DFY Content?

With These DFY Templates and Over-the-Shoulder Tutorials, You Can Simply Customize, And Sell POD Products People Buy Over and Over Again! No Design Experience or Fancy Software Needed!

Using these easily customizable templates in easy to edit PPT format, you can create POD designs you can sell on sites like Etsy, and other popular marketplaces in mere minutes! Included with the templates is a step-by-step video to walk you through the simple process of customization AND free fonts that you can use in any of your products!

All the templates are in incredibly popular niches that are proven best sellers...

You'll receive 19 completely customizable templates in easy to edit PPT format. Use these templates to create personalized t-shirts, socks, tote bags, and more!


What can you do with these?

In short, you have commercial use rights and can incorporate them into your projects.

You can...

  • Incorporate into your own POD product designs. 
  • Create and sell print on demand products with these designs.

And,How Would You Like to Tap Into One of the Simplest Personalization Options That Can Earn You Up To 20% More Per Product?

Monograms are a scorching HOT customization option, and with these simple step-by-step tutorial videos, you’ll be ready to create your own monograms from start to finish. Even with no prior design experience, you can whip out professional monograms in a snap!

No special programs needed--everything can be designed using a word processing program--and absolutely no prior design experience is required! The steps that I will teach you are so simple, anyone can do it!

And as a bonus, I’m also including 10 fonts perfectly designed to create beautiful monograms. With this set, you’re ready to start designing professional, polished monograms instantly!

Step by Step Tutorial Videos...

            10 Fonts Designed to Create Monograms...

But That’s Not All...
I’m Also Including 300 Social Posters To Inspire New Product Design Ideas and Hook Your Customers Through Social Media

Here's exactly what you'll get:

  • 300 Motivational Posters in high-quality PNG format To Spark Your Design Inspiration Or Use Immediately to Engage Your Audience via Social Media
  • 300 source files so you can modify and customize these posters to reflect your niche or audience. 
  • A complete spreadsheet of inspirational quotes in an easy-to-find format ready to add to your POD designs or inspire your followers on social media.

PLUS you get a royalty-free extended commercial use license on all these products!

Get ready to use these posters to drive traffic anywhere to any location, build a targeted following on Instagram, generate a viral buzz for your products on Facebook, and create a dedicated following on Twitter. These social posters are ready to help you amp up your shop all across social media!

And As A Bonus, I’m Including Even More Value...

Insider's Guide To Etsy

I've created this exclusive  Insider's Guide to Etsy to make setting up and managing your shop on this massive marketplace easy and stress-free.

You can get started even faster!

Getting Started with Shopify

This guide will take you from beginner to expert in no time at all. From setting up your Shopify storefront to using Shopify apps to increase business and traffic, everything you need to start is included.

Here's everything that's included today

  • 19 completely customizable PPT templates in the most popular POD product design categories with an over-the-shoulder tutorial video to walk you through easy ways to modify them. ($167 VALUE)
  • A super simple step-by-step tutorial to creating personalized monograms using software you already have! ($37 VALUE)
  • A pack of 10 script-style fonts perfectly suited for creating monograms or adding to your POD designs.($67 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Getting Started With Shopify ($47 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Insider's Guide To Etsy ($47 VALUE)
  • 300 Ready-to-Use Social Posters PLUS editable PNG templates and an inspirational quote spreadsheet to spark your design process and hook your followers! ($107 VALUE)


To Your Success,

Amy Harrop

PS - This is an incredible deal!! From leveraging social media to exponentially increasing your profits through personalized monograms, these products will drastically reduce the time you need to spend to start.

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