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Dear Publisher,

Have you ever stopped to think about this: every successful product or service ever created since the beginning of time began with an idea.

From hamburgers to power steering to bottled water to gloves to lamps to coffee to running shoes to fingernail polish to anything you see around you ... every successful product or service ever created began with an idea.

Even if that idea was "stumbled upon," before it became a success, it got its start as an idea.

But, I want you to understand this...

Ideas Alone Won't Make You Any Money

Do you see what I'm getting at here?

Ideas alone won't make you any money. You actually need a couple of additional things in order to take an idea and earn cash from it.

1. You need a plan

You may have a great idea, but have no idea how to implement it. An idea is virtually worthless to you unless you know what steps to take to put that idea to work for you. You need an action plan. Your idea is the "what" to do. Your action plan is the "how" to do it.

2. You need action.

Then, you need to get busy! Once you have a fleshed out idea with steps and examples and tips and shortcuts in place, it's time to take action. There are many, many people who never get this far. Truthfully, most never get to the action plan part. And in one of these two places, the idea dies.

Here's how I can help you...

Today I'm Giving You Access To
Ten Proven Content Action Plans!

So, what if you don't have your own ideas? Or, what if those ideas aren't as good as other ideas? Or, what if those ideas are just ideas with no action steps attached to them?

Wouldn't it be great to get someone who has a folder full of great ideas to open them up and hand them over to you? Better still - to turn over their action plan for using the ideas as well!

Well, here you go...

That's a profitable content business in a nutshell, but I'll even go one better... I've bundled up 10 of my favorite action plans for you, so you can stop struggling and start doing already!

Easy Content Transformation

Easy Content Transformation

Get immediate access to my complete library of action plans in one easy-to-manage report. 

They are approximate 15 pages each, giving you approximately 150 pages of meaty information to teach you insider ideas for generating more from your content!

  • Report 1: Three Types of Content That will Drive You More Free Traffic
  • Report 2: How to Create Your Own Four-Part Conversion V.I.D.E.O. Series
  • Report 3: How to Write and Create Content Driven Video Sales Letters
  • Report 4: How to Get a Sales Bump Every Week With Strategic Reports
  • Report 5: Multiple Streams of Income Made Easy
  • Report 6: How to Find the Best B.L.O.G.S. for Guest Posting
  • Report 7: Five Rock-Solid Ways to Get More Email Coaching Clients
  • Report 8: How to Create Your Own Infographics for Fun and Profit
  • Report 9: The Best Niche Within Your Niche for Making Easy Money
  • Report 10: Five Ways to Turn a $7 Report Into a $197 Order

If you sell content on the Internet, this is for you...

Let me give you three more reasons why Easy Content Transformation is a good fit for you... 

1. Each report is a "quick read" so you can take action promptly.

Let's face it, very few people ever take action on huge "home study courses". They look good, they sound good, they feel good. But, the truth is, most people get overwhelmed with all of the details and they don't take action. 

Think about it: In order to use the information in these mega courses, you've got to read hundreds of pages of information on the subject matter. Or listen to hours of audio. Or watch hours of video. That's just too much to process for most people. They get lost in a sea of content.

Information overload.

Each of the reports in Easy Content Transformation is about 15 pages long. You can read each of them in a single sitting. If you've got thirty minutes, you've got time to read one of these.

What that means to you is this: within the hour you can be putting the information to work for you.

Read it. Process it. Use it.

Instead of being perpetually stuck in the "getting started" stage, you can actually FINISH something!

2. Even if you get just one idea, you apply it

You're smart with your money, right? If you can spend $5 to make $10, you'll double your money. You'll take that deal every day. Who wouldn't?

It's all about...

Return. On. Investment.

ROI. That is, when you invest money, you want to get a nice return back. More than you invested. The more, the better. If you buy an information product related to your business, you'd like to learn something that significantly improve your business.

When you download Easy Content Transformation below, you will immediately access all ten action plans. Each one of them has at least one potentially business-changing idea. 

Every one in the package will teach you how to increase your income. ..

3. These aren't just "ideas", these are "proven  ideas."

Here's the kicker: the ideas shared in this product have been proven to work. Several of them include full blown case studies showing exactly how they were completed, in step-by-step format.

What you'll read in Easy Content Transformation isn't theory. It's actually "best practices" that are being used to generate extra orders for those selling content online.

You might as well add your name to the list!

You'll receive...

150+ Pages Of Immediately Useable,
Proven-To-Work, Content Strategies

Think about this for just a moment. If you get just ONE idea that earns you just ONE new customer you will more than get your money back from this package. And there is NO WAY you're going to get just "one" idea. 

Plus, When You Act Now, You'll Also Get...

  • 10 Step-by-Step Content Transformation Checklists to help you turn white label content into traffic-driving, profit-making content in a wide variety of formats.
  • 10 Done-for-You Infographic Templates designed to capture attention and educate your audience in new and creative ways. You'll even get PDF, PSD, and PowerPoint templates with commerical use rights, so you can easily adapt them to your own workflow. 
  • 10 Checklist, Worksheet, and To-Do List Templates in Microsoft Word format with commerical use rights, so you can quickly create beautiful AND useful content for your customers.

Here's everything that's included today

  • 10 Action Plans, giving you approximately 150 pages of meaty information to teach you insider ideas for generating more income from your content! ($197 VALUE)
  • Detailed, done-for-you checklists that make every step as easy as 1-2-3.($97 VALUE)
  • 10 Done-for-You Infographic Templates with commerical use rights,designed to capture attention and educate your audience in new and creative ways.. ($67 VALUE)
  • 10 Checklist, Worksheet, and To-Do List Templates with commerical use rights, in Microsoft Word format ($67 VALUE)


If you want to take action on this special deal and take action on the profitable ideas in this package, get your copy of Easy Content Transformation right now!

To Your Success

Amy Harrop

P.S.Order now to access action plans that teach you how to earning more revenue for your business by generating free traffic, creating simple streams of income, and persuading people to buy.

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