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Bonus Boost is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through ten lessons for using free incentives to build your list, get more orders and automatically grow your publishing business in a dozen different ways.

You will discover the different types of bonuses to enhance your main offer, how to get fence-sitters to buy, the secret to creating effective bonuses in just 30 minutes, and exactly where to promote your bonus so it does what it is designed to do (get more orders).


What’s Included In Bonus Boost?


10 Ways To Use Bonuses To Automatically Get More Orders 

A strategic bonus is almost magical in what it can do for your publishing business. Not only can a good bonus increase your sales, it can also reduce refunds and retain customers. Plus a whole lot of other profit-generating things. And this lesson reveals 10 surefire ways to use bonuses to grow your publishing empire!


How To Develop In-Demand Bonuses That Browsers Find Irresistible

Discover the five characteristics of an extremely effective, irresistible bonus. Most publishers know two or three of these characteristics – but your bonus isn’t going to be effective unless it includes all five! 


18 Different Types Of Bonuses That Will Enhance Your Main Offer

You probably know about some of the more common types of bonuses you can create, like ebooks or videos. But do you know about all 18 of the most powerful types of bonuses? Find out which ones you’re overlooking inside this lesson! 


The One Bonus You Must Create That Always Gets Fence-Setters To Buy

In this lesson you’re going to discover how to create the one bonus that many prospects simply can’t resist. Maybe you’ve created this sort of bonus before, but it didn’t deliver the results you were looking for. Chances are, that’s because your bonus offer didn’t include the “3 D’s” – these are the crucial keys that turn a ho-hum bonus into an irresistible, effective offer!


6 Ways To Create Exclusives That Force People To Do Business With You

Heads up: if you’re offering a bonus that’s highly similar to what everyone else is offering, then your bonus strategy is going to flop. What you need to do is create something truly unique. And the best way to do that is by creating something highly personal. You’ll discover 6 ways to create unique, personal bonuses  that work like magic to boost your conversion rates! 


4 Ways To Create High-Value Bonuses In 30 Minutes Of Your Time (Really!)

Whether you have a big budget or small, a lot of time or none at all, one of these methods is sure to fit your needs perfectly. Some of the best bonuses I’ve ever created have been developed in less than half an hour using each of these four methods. There simply is no reason not to create and use any kind of bonus you want when you see how quickly you can go from “zero to done”. And you’ll find out how to do just that inside this lesson!


The (Truly) “Top Secret” Way To Use Bonuses To Get More Orders For Any Offer

Now here’s a bonus strategy that very few people use, and almost no one knows about. The idea is to use bonuses to crush your prospect’s objections and get them scrambling for your order button. This lesson teaches you everything you need to know about how to make the most of this top-secret strategy so you can enjoy a huge bump to your conversion rates! 


7 Hacks For Outsmarting And Outselling Your Competitors With Bonuses

Most publishers just toss a bonus into their product packages and never give it a second thought. If you want to make the most of your bonus strategy, check out the seven hacks revealed in this lesson and discover how to optimize your bonus strategy! Even if you only follow the first hack included in this lesson, you'll automatically get more orders! Best of all, it’ll take you five minutes to “set it and forget it”. 


15 Places To Promote Your Bonus So It Does The Work It Is Designed To Do (Get You Orders!)

So, you have a bonus that you want to offer to your audience. If the only place you advertise this bonus is hidden inside a long sales letter, it’s not going to be very effective. In order to get people excited about your bonus you need to widely advertise it. Learn all 15 powerfully effective ways to promote your bonus! 


Putting It All Together: A 5-Step Tutorial For Creating Bonuses That Convert

By the time you get to this lesson, you’ll understand all of the B.O.N.U.S. strategy pieces. This final lesson will organize everything into a quick, 5-step system for optimizing your bonus strategy. Your next step is to take action, and this checklist makes it quick and easy to put this bonus system to work in your business!


Video Tutorials: Step-by-Step Guidance To Help You Succeed

There's a lot of content in this course, and I want to make sure you're set up for success, so I've included nearly two hours of over-the-shoulder video training! In these three video lessons, you'll find out:

  • how you can easily research ideas for bonuses
  • how to use PLR content to create in-demand bonuses
  • and how to create low-content journals, planners, and worksheets.

As you can see I've packed a lot of profitable information into this quick read course!

(45-page curriculum and 40 pages of bonuses, plus over the shoulder video tutorials… everything you need to know without overheating your brain!)

You can also see that the bonuses really do add value and help you achieve the outcome you’re after.

And you can certainly see the value of a course that teaches you how to start generating more sales, customers and cash. So now you’re wondering. How much is it?


To Your Success

Amy Harrop

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