Welcome To The QueContent Composer Tutorial Page

The QueContent Composer Tool is intuitive and easy to use, but if you want to see how everything works, you can check out these tutorials.

UPDATED November 2020: Read the changelog here or watch the video below.

QueContent Composer Changelog for November 2020

QueContent Composer Changelog for June 2020

QueContent Composer Overview & Demo

Adding Your Own Questions & Categories

Selecting Fonts, Adding Intro Content, Exporting Your Finished Document

Creating Content With QueContent Composer

How to Install New Fonts on a PC

Using a Mac or Google Slides? Follow These Tutorials:

Have A Problem or Need Troubleshooting?

Please submit a ticket to https://amyharrop.zendesk.com with QueContent Composer Issue in the subject line.

Please describe your issue and if possible, include any screenshots or screencast videos of the problem so it can be passed on to the programmers.

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