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There are many places online that are ripe for marketing your book, and LinkedIn is one of them. There are many things you can do to attract attention to your publication, but promoting effectively with LinkedIn requires specific techniques that are professional without being overly self-promotional.

Use the Reading List
Your LinkedIn profile has a section that allows you to enter a book that you are currently reading. You can actually use this section to help build up intrigue for your publication. Amazon powers the Reading List section, so your book needs to be listed there.

You can list your book here, and you can add up to 5,000 characters as a description. Use this space to talk about the book, and you can bring up good testimonials and reviews.

Professional Headline
The “Professional Headline” section of your profile is used to list your recent or best achievements. You can use this section to show off your book. For example, you can write: “Author of [book name].” It’s a very simple headline, but people who like you on LinkedIn might check out your book to see if it is worth reading.

Teaser Messages
Books may not be that expensive, but most people aren’t willing to spend a dime unless they know the book is actually good. One of the best ways to show people your writing is to send teaser messages.

For example, make an update message that displays your first page of text. The first page is often a hook, and this can be used to get people hooked on your writing. Don’t do this too often, or it might seem obnoxious.

Answer Questions
This may not be applicable until your book has a substantial number of readers, but you may find that people are asking questions about your book on LinkedIn. You can market yourself by answering these questions. Readers will be happy you took time out of your day to answer their questions, and this may make onlookers interested in reading your book.

Share Blog Posts
Most  writers are using blogs to promote and talk about their book. This can be very effective, but only if people see your blog. Just share all of your blog posts on LinkedIn, and your followers will read your blog in response. You can use a tool like Hootsuite to automatically feed your blog to LinkedIn.

Join Groups
LinkedIn has a number of groups, and many are dedicated to reading books. You can join a group that caters to your audience to market your book. Just make sure you don’t spam the group.

Using LinkedIn to promote your book is fairly easy because there are so many opportunities for it. Your LinkedIn profile can be used as a powerful tool to market your writing, and you discuss your book to turn interested people into readers. Just use these techniques, and you should gain some new readers.

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