Amazon’s New Matchbook Feature and What it Means for Authors and Publishers

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Amazon is always improving its store and features, but very few updates compare to the new Kindle MatchBook feature. This is a great opportunity for authors and publishers because it allows you to make more money by asking people to make a discounted purchase, or to bundle your digital and print book together as one. If you’ve been looking for a way to make more money from your books without doing something crazy or complicated, then this is the best feature for you.


What is MatchBook?


While Amazon isn’t officially launching this feature until October, most of the specifics have been reported. As you should know, Amazon sells millions of book titles both physically and digitally. Many people feel pressured to get only one or the other. This makes sense because why should someone pay $9.99 twice just to get the book on their Kindle device?


MatchBook fixes this problem by allowing authors and publishers to bundle their print and digital books as one sale. Buyers can opt-out if they wish, but the digital version of the book is heavily discounted to encourage more sales on Kindle. Not only does this improve things for Amazon, but you’ll also get more money from the sale.


Discounted Price


The vast majority of Kindle books are around $2.99 to $9.99 because this allows you to take advantage of the 70% royalties. If someone buys a print book, then the digital version of that book will be heavily discounted. The price will be set between free and $2.99. You can select the price when opting in to this service, and there’s only one rule: the price must be at least 50% cheaper than your list book.


For example, if your book is selling for $5, then you can’t set the price at $2.99. Amazon won’t even give you the option. This is because MatchBook is supposed to be a discounted service. If your book is selling for just $1 or less, then you’ll have to make the MatchBook price free.


Instead of getting a commission for either your print or digital book, you can now get a commission for both without doing any extra work.




About 10,000 books in Amazon’s massive library are eligible for the MatchBook feature, but how do you become eligible? First of all, all of the books published through Amazon Publishing are automatically eligible. You don’t have to do anything. If you are a self-published author, then your book should be eligible, but you’ll have to manually opt-in for this feature.


Things are a little different with publishers. While some small publishers seem to have embraced this change, only one major publisher is currently adding some of their titles to the MatchBook list. HarperCollins has added some of its older books to the mix, but this list is expected to grow if MatchBook is as popular as everyone thinks.


If you don’t have a print book, then you must create one through CreateSpace or a similar service. You don’t need to be part of KDP Select to use MatchBook, but your book must be sold on Amazon. After getting a print version of your book, or if you already have one, then you have to go to Promotional List Price and set your MatchBook price.


Here’s another big bonus: eligibility for customers. Customers will have the opportunity to enjoy this discount on books they bought from 1995 until now. If someone purchased several of your books, then you might make a few sales without doing anything. Try to get your book listed as soon as possible to enjoy the wave of new sales that customers will make.


Commission is based on your regular commission. If your book is eligible for 70% royalties, then your MatchBook royalties will match that percentage.


Is it Viable?


While it’s a no-brainer to apply to MatchBook since you can make some easy sales, many authors are wondering if this is a viable feature that will make them money. According to Amazon, this is one of the most requested features. In fact, many people buy both the print and digital version of a book so that they can enjoy the traditional feel of paper and the mobility and convenience of digital books.


Only time will tell if MatchBook really works out, but the customer reaction has been very positive. Many people can now get their favorite books on their Kindle and other devices without spending a ton of money. It seems that reference books and fiction books are the most popular according to the most of the responses, but it seems that customers are more than willing to accept this feature with every book type.




Amazon’s new MatchBook feature allows you to make some extra sales by bundling both your print and digital book as one sale. You can make more money by getting a commission from both book sales, or you can sweeten the deal by making the digital book free. Regardless of how you use it, customers have been awaiting this feature for years, and it’s sure to help make you some money.

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